Day after FBI direktor said Hilary is not guilty our brother find dead in cell.


Romanin Marcel Lazar Lehel  know like GUCIFER man who encrypted Private server and have acess to all president candidate Hillary Clinton private mails found dead in Virginia state prison in jaill cell.

Early Romanian state police is arested him and deporting in USA.In this case dead of GUCIFER is be guaranted.

R.I.P GUCIFER hacked Servers with hardwer worth aobout 70 us dol.Our brother is still be alive that „hot mails“ hide on many virtual data storage around the world.

GUCIFERRIPUSAOpasno je uzimati mailove predsednickog kandidata i to jos sa prezimenom Clinton.

Upao u server poskidao mailove i ostao bi ziv da je pobacao komp vredan 70 dol.

Bilo mu zao jer nije imao para ali je imao inteligenciju koja prevazilazi sve one koji trenutno rade na zastiti licnih podataka visokih bumbara Bele kuce.